Lamb or Mutton?

We’ve all heard the expression “mutton dressed as lamb.” At LambCuts we supply both lamb and mutton (under different pricing) and we never confuse the two.


Do you know the difference?

The strict definitions for lamb and mutton vary considerably between countries. In our part of the world it goes something like this:

  • Lamb – a young sheep roughly under 12 months of age, with no permanent incisors (teeth) in wear.

  • Mutton – a female (ewe) or castrated male (wether) having more than two permanent incisors in wear or a sheep over two years of age.

  • Strictly speaking there is a third category in-between Lamb and Mutton and the meat of these animals is called Hogget. This is an animal that has no more than two permanent incisors in wear, and this is generally accepted as Lamb within Zambia. At LambCuts we do not market any animal older than 15 months as Lamb, but rather as Mutton. 


Eating Quality

The younger the lamb is, the smaller the lamb will be, however, the meat will typically be more tender. Sheep mutton has a less tender flesh. In general, the darker the colour, the older the animal. Mutton can be tougher than lamb, but makes up for this by the deeper flavour, perfectly suited for longer, low and slow cooking and casseroles, curries and stews. Mutton has a rich and delicious mature taste and when cooked properly is just as tender as lamb. The price is not reflective of quality. Mutton isn’t just "old meat". It’s deep and rich and tasty – and very economical.


View our Lamb Products but make sure to also browse through our Mutton Section to see the delicious and economical cuts we have to offer before you checkout.


NOTE: Some of our processed products (sausage, burgers and mince) may contain Lamb, Mutton or both due to their similar nature after being processed.

Care is taken to ensure that our animals are raised humanely

Our animals are grass fed on irrigated pasture

No growth hormones used. No antibiotics given on regular basis

Our processed products contain no MSG, preservatives or other harmful chemicals

Our pastures are irrigated exclusively by solar power to ensure sustainability and a clean, quiet environment for our animals

Locally produced. Proudly Zambian