Natural food

None of our products contain added Monosodium Glutamate (commonly found taste enhancer,) preservatives, Carbon Monoxide or colourants. We use fresh herbs and spices in our sausage and burgers, most of which come out of our own garden.


We do not make use of growth hormones in our flocks and our animals are not routinely treated with antibiotics. We take pride in rearing healthy animals in a natural and humane way, in order to provide you with the healthiest lamb and mutton in Zambia.

Care is taken to ensure that our animals are raised humanely

Our animals are grass fed on irrigated pasture

No growth hormones used. No antibiotics given on regular basis

Our processed products contain no MSG, preservatives or other harmful chemicals

Our pastures are irrigated exclusively by solar power to ensure sustainability and a clean, quiet environment for our animals

Locally produced. Proudly Zambian