Note on Weights

When you buy our top quality Lamb / Mutton Mince or Mutton Stew Meat it is easy for us to give you a pack that weighs exactly 0.5 or 1kg. When you purchase a pack of our tender Lamb Loin Chops however, it is not always possible for us to give you a pack that weighs exactly 1kg. Your pack will most likely be just over or just under the weight that you selected when buying a product.

Since our lamb carcasses differ in size this also goes for our single unit products like the ever popular Leg of Lamb or our juicy Whole Lamb Loin Roast. When you buy one of these products we will charge you for what we deem to be an average weight for the specific cut. When we prepare your fresh cuts and weigh them, we will adjust your invoice to include any discrepancies that there may be between the average you were charged for, and the actual weight upon weighing and packing your purchases. We always do our best to keep these differences to a minimum for your convenience.


When such discrepancies arise you can choose whether to:

  • Get your change or pay in the balance when you collect your order, or

  • Let us carry your balance (positive or negative) over to your next order (we suggest this method to keep your experience with us as smooth as possible.)


Check your account balance and set your balance behaviour here if you have a registered and verified account with us.

Care is taken to ensure that our animals are raised humanely

Our animals are grass fed on irrigated pasture

No growth hormones used. No antibiotics given on regular basis

Our processed products contain no MSG, preservatives or other harmful chemicals

Our pastures are irrigated exclusively by solar power to ensure sustainability and a clean, quiet environment for our animals

Locally produced. Proudly Zambian