Our Labels Explained

When you receive a purchase from Lambcuts you will see a printed label in the top right corner of the package with information on the product contained therein. The area on the animal that is filled with black is the part of the carcass where your cuts come from. When you purchase one of our processed products (sausage, burgers or mince) no area on the carcass will be highlighted since the meat can come from any part of the carcass.


Below the picture of the animal you will see a circle containing one of three symbols:

L: product is LAMB

M: product is MUTTON

L/M: processed product that may contain LAMB, MUTTON or BOTH



The example below is what would appear on a Leg of Lamb (no shank)

Care is taken to ensure that our animals are raised humanely

Our animals are grass fed on irrigated pasture

No growth hormones used. No antibiotics given on regular basis

Our processed products contain no MSG, preservatives or other harmful chemicals

Our pastures are irrigated exclusively by solar power to ensure sustainability and a clean, quiet environment for our animals

Locally produced. Proudly Zambian