Why Register?

You're just about to pay for that online item or download that file when you get the annoying "Register to continue" page. We hate that too. But in order for us to serve you more efficiently and help make your experience with us convenient and as hassle-free as possible, you will need to fill in the form before your first purchase. All we need is your preferred drop-off location and your contact details in case we need to contact you about your order. That's it. We won't send you spam and your details are safe with us.

Please note that after you have registered, you need to activate your account by clicking on an activation link sent to your email address. This is to make sure we do not get fake registrations by bots.

Care is taken to ensure that our animals are raised humanely

Our animals are grass fed on irrigated pasture

No growth hormones used. No antibiotics given on regular basis

Our processed products contain no MSG, preservatives or other harmful chemicals

Our pastures are irrigated exclusively by solar power to ensure sustainability and a clean, quiet environment for our animals

Locally produced. Proudly Zambian